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The Coomera Electorate is boarded by the Logan River in the North and the Albert River in the North West, Yaun Creek and Foxwell Road in the South and the shores of the Broadwater in the East. 

It is a diverse community encompassing very old farming areas such as the Canelands and the new Northern Gold Coast corridor with past growing Pimpama at its center.

A feature of the electorate is 30kms of the Northern Gold Coast component of the M1 which is the only thorough fare for people travelling to the Capital from the Gold Coast and northern parts of New South Wales.

The Coomera Electorate is it has two of the oldest schools in Queensland being Woongoolba State School and Cedar Creek State School as well as two of the newest schools being Pimpama State Primary College and Pimpama State Secondary College.


According to an early historian W.E. Hanlon, the name Coomera originated from  Kumera Kumera - the aboriginal word for a native species of wattle. In a neighbouring dialect the word referred to blood.

Early resident Charles Binstead believed that Kumera referred to the river. Rory O'Connor in The Kombumerri: Aboriginal People of the Gold Coast states that Coomera means blood or vein and refers to the flowing river - the life source of the surrounding lands.


Coomera has changed very rapidly over the past few years. High density housing east of the Motorway in and around the old Coomera Township brought many new families to the area. New shops opened and activity in the area has increased. This activity confirmed to many people that Coomera was finally on the move.

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